Current Projects

Client: Connect & Care

Project: Connect & Care is an immense piece of software with a browser based user interface designed to facilitate the exchange of information about an individual’s health and health care.

At its core, Connect & Care is a secure, HIPAA compliant communications program for patients, friends and family and medical staff. Information posted by doctors or caregivers is distributed automatically to other medical personal or to the friends and family as targeted by the poster. Messages and updates are sent by text, email, fax or browser log-in per each participant’s preferences. One person, the patient or other designated person, serves as the sole communicator to medical staff in order to control the upstream volume of questions or remarks.

Built around that core is an array of tools to help with scheduled appointments, exchange of documentation, definitions of medical terms and medications.

Some of the notable tools:

Much more information on the Connect & Care software is available in the User Guide (still under development).


Client: A Canadian Non-Profit Funds Processor

Project: Develop a funds processing application to intake and process approximately a half million dollars per month in donations. The system allows staff at multiple workstations to enter incoming donations by check or credit card and automatically processes hundreds of recurring monthly credit card donations. Each month funds are then electronically distributed to the bank accounts of missionaries and projects worldwide. The amount transferred to each recipient is based on some donations being targeted to them and on an as-needed basis, with each adjusted with up to the minute exchange rates the system pulls from the internet. Transfers can also be initiated on a one by one basis.

Donation acknowledgements to donors and statements of account to recipients are generated and sent by email each month.

A sophisticated report generator with with an extremely simply user interface provides extensive reporting includes a full accounting, audit trails, types of donations and donors, recipients and amounts received and more.


Client: A Hospital Group

Project: Develop an Electronic Health Record system that enables hospital personnel to enter patient data into a secure browser form. Once posted, the system sends email and/or telephones physicians on call for second opinions on whether the patient should be released, admitted or placed under observation. The physician can review patient data and respond appropriately by smart phone, tablet, computer or voice call, while creating a record of all questions and opinions.

In the first months of operation, even as it undergoes additional development, the system has taken hours off of the full process.

Monthly reports provide hospital administrators with substantial information on performance, types of admissions, demographics and more.



Client: A Health Care Software Developer

Project: Build a subscription based system for physicians and staff to complete patient specific forms and/or upload documents, charts and images. The password protected system allows physicians to update records from patients' bedside using a laptop or tablet. The built in forms improve accuracy, eliminate errors and omissions and can fax or email on demand.

The system provides coding help and pushes compliance with insurance companies' documentation requirements. Completed cases are submitted by the system to the appropriate insurance company with a greatly reduced rate of re-submission requests or declined claims.



Client: Owner of a group of Gas Stations

Project: Build an iPhone friendly web interface to allow employees to log in to submit up to the minute updates of cash, credit and debit prices from competing gas stations.

Access level determines the pages and links available with color coded displays to differentiate fuel types.

The owner's pages, designed for iPad, have numerous built in javascript calculators to help compare and adjust prices, then send price changes to station managers.


Some Past Projects


Client: Aarhus University 14C Dating Centre

Project: Build a web based system for scientists, universities and museums throughout the world to submit and track samples for radio carbon dating.

A secure log in allows each client to edit their account information, make data entries regarding samples being shipped and then to check in on the status of the 14C testing of those samples throughout their various stages. Through the extensive use of javascript and dropdown menus, a series of browser forms expedite entry and consistency of complex categorizations and terms.

Online payment processing ensures that the cost of the 14C services are paid promptly and completely without exchange rate issues.


Clients: TransVideo Studios & Google

Project: Create a project tracking system for video crews working around the world to enter hours, expenses and materials. The system produced online reports for Google, a major client, to monitor progress and budgets on a line by line basis. Password protection creates levels of access adjusted for the user. In house the system provides networked access versus internet access from other locations.

"Jim Cook is one of the most skilled and experienced programmers we've ever had the pleasure in working with. Over the years Jim has become a dependable & responsible resource for developing many of our mission critical internal, as well as external client applications."   Raymond Clark, CEO Transvideo Studios


Client: Saugatuck Douglas Historical Society

Project: Replace an outdated site with improved organization of content and a new look. The existing site consisted of many thousands of pages of information and images, consisting of numerous designs and living on a variety of servers. After years of volunteers contributing work the site had become badly disorganized and bloated. Aside from the reorganization the challenge was to get the new site on line without losing access to the thousands of remaining pages requiring some years to revise and modernize. Among the requirements; the ability for volunteers to easily update portions of the site using templates and a help system to keep it consistent and organized.


Client: University of Colorado AMS 14C Research Laboratory

Project: Develop software system to track samples submitted for carbon dating from sample submission to final reporting. The system allowed data entry from multiple work stations in the laboratory to record hundreds of details as each specimen was subjected to a battery of tests and chemistry analyses.

Project: Develop an osteology database to aid in species identification based on skull or other skeletal elements. The system included the ability to rotate scaled images of skeletal elements and compare species. The dictionary component contained cross referenced entries with images and audible pronunciations guides.


Client: Stafford Research, Inc.

Project: Construct a database to control and compile data spanning the fields of geology, geochemistry, biogeochemistry, analytical chemistry, accelerator physics, paleontology and archaeology, as well as field photos and photomacrography of fossil mammals and plants. The system enabled tracking lab data, report writing, all office correspondence and all accounting tasks, from billing to financial projections.

"The programming was complex not only because the amount of information was extremely large, but because Jim Cook, as the sole programmer, had to understand, interpret and integrate disciplines spanning most of the natural sciences, photography, and business accounting. Jim's ability to integrate, innovate and envision a final product was the reason the project was so successful. In the past twenty years I have yet to encounter someone with the breadth and depth of programming skills and innovation needed for these scientific and business endeavors. "   Thomas W. Stafford, Jr., Ph.D. Stafford Research, Inc


Client: Golf Magazine

Project: Develop a web based interface to allow users to quickly and easily review golf statistics of all professional players and tournaments since 1890 with daily updates as new tournaments take place. The system instantly processed over a million records producing statistical tables with links to retabulate the results.

The system was also licensed for use on the CNN and Sports Illustrated web sites for seven years. The USGA licensed a variation, which became the Official US Open Almanac for five years.

Folio Magazine: "Golf Magazine used to be the place to turn for the sport's latest statistics. Not anymore. That's not to say the Times-Mirror publication isn't still on top of the most up-to-date numbers in the game--it just found a better way to report them. That better way? The Internet.

'The magazine is changing how it approaches publishing statistics,' says Julie Hansen, general manager of, Golf Magazine's Web site, where statistics are kept more up to date than they ever could have been in a monthly print publication. 'It's better to do an analytical package [in the magazine] than just run the numbers.'"


Client: The Organization Organization

Project: Develop a subscription based web database allowing estimators for commercial roofing projects to quickly drill down through tens of thousands of products and materials to determine quantities needed and associated costs. The system provided detailed spec sheets and links to manufacturers' web sites.

Massive amounts of javascript were used to guide users through a series of hierarchical menus that modify subsequent menus with every choice.

"The words that come to mind when I reflect on my experience working with Jim Cook would be trust and honesty. In our development and implementation of the Roofing Materials Library, the level of care and responsibility Jim took for the project was beyond what one could wish. Further, his skill, knowledge, and creativity was an inspiration, with the results always being clear, elegant, and comprehensive, and the functioning of the system extremely rapid."   Mark Graham, President.


Client: HindSight Ltd.

Project: Develop a searchable web based talent directory for clients to locate professional photographers based on type of work and/or location.

When the parent company shut down in 2018, the site went offline after 12 years of use.

The Find A Photographer system allows photographers to work via browser to purchase an annual listing, edit that listing, build a simple web page with links to their own site and to upload a number of images based on their level of listing. It periodically sends email messages to subscribing photographers advising them of their account status.



Project: Assist and tutor in the development of a web based system by which animal shelters across the USA can enter pets and animals in need of a new home. Entries are processed into a searchable system for those seeking animals to adopt.

"I have become quite an addict to Panorama. Thank you again for walking me through those early days! It's such an amazing program, and I could never have learned it without you tutoring me. It is so powerful, I am very thankful that you were able to aim right in on the features I needed to learn initially."   Jeff Gold


Client: Lake District Music Festival

Project: Develop a web based registration for music teachers to register students for an annual music festival and competition. The system calculates and processes entry fees via PayPal.

"Jim Cook has been an absolute lifesaver, providing expertise far beyond my experience. He has been patient, available, and timely with all my many requests."   Reverend Ron Heffield



Project: Build a web site to strictly defined parameters that would allow site visitors to conduct searches for images based on subject and content. Once selected, images can be viewed in a variety of frames and mat boards cut with or without a border. Selections can be saved to a Wish List or emailed to others for review. A PayPal shopping cart allows purchases to be made on line.

One small portion of the overall site, the framing window, makes extensive use of javascript to change the display quickly without having to reload the page and to recreate any combination by coded links. An example of instantaneous recreation of a selection is here.


Client: HindSight Ltd.

Project: Develop a software product to manage a professional photography business. The resulting package, InView & StockView, became the primary software used by many hundreds of the world's best professional photographers in the US and 23 other countries for more than three decades.

This site went offline in 2018 after 23 years. Introduced in 1985, InView & StockView remain in use by many professionals even after the company's 2018 closing.

InView handles Contact management, marketing, correspondence, estimating, billing and accounting. StockView provides the means to keep track of every one of the thousands of images a professional creates. It handles licensing, invoicing and legal status regarding usage rights and copyright.

Project: Develop a searchable image library for photographers to put on their web sites. The result was searchLynx, the first such product on the internet. It allows photographers to upload thousands of keyworded images to their site for potential buyers to locate by subject matter. Extensive user customization capabilities include page design, interface and methods of communication between buyer and photographer.

Project: Develop a utility program that can read and write metadata in digital image files. The resulting product, METAmachine, includes a keyword generator, thesaurus and license generator. Images can be dragged singly or in bulk from the desktop for reading or writing.

Project: Develop an online support forum through which software customers can search for solutions in past dialogs or post questions for answers.